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Welcome to the Sophia Retreat and Event Center and the Ariluna Lodge. We offer beautiful space, cuisine and a mesmerizing landscape for your retreat, wedding, family reunion or bed and breakfast getaway. Located in the Four Corners of South West Colorado, near Mesa Verde National Park and renowned Telluride, we are known as one of the most beautiful and peaceful destinations in the United States. The area and the center were tailor-made to be the perfect venue for your event. Breathe in the ancient wisdom of the past, soak in the beauty of the limitless brilliant skies and be cared for by our professional staff. Our wedding, workshop, retreat, B&B, meeting & reunion accommodations and services surpass expectations.

We passionately open our doors to a diverse group of guests. From corporate retreats to individuals seeking peace and solitude, you will find the center is the perfect space to meet your every need. We understand workshop and seminar leaders need a supportive learning environment for there attendees and we are dedicated to meeting their desires. Whether you are a couple looking for a romantic B&B experience or a bride and groom sharing your wedding day with family and friends, love is in the air at Sophia!

Our facility works towards sustainable, eco-friendly and socially responsible practices. We offer fair trade, organic and locally grown ingredients whenever possible.

Meditate on our Labyrinth, an exact replica of the labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral in France.


The Deliberate Life – Often we intend unconsciously in ways that bring trouble to ourselves and trouble to others. In this retreat at New Year’s, the time for being deliberate, we will incline our hearts toward what brings most happiness for ourselves and others: wisdom and love, awareness and acceptance. We will also discern what in our lives to leave behind with the old year, and what we’ll cultivate in the new.

Inner Bonding has helped me to evolve in my courage to love in the moments where it’s the hardest thing to do.” ~ Alanis Morissette. Dr. Margaret Paul facilitates 5-day intensives for individuals and couples 3 times a year.

Hesperus Awakening Retreat, held in the shadow of the Hesperus mountain, known by the Navajo, as the Sacred Mountain of the North. Through the Heart-Centered guidance of our 4 facilitators, you will explore the boundaries and depths of your awakened and sleeping selves, unearthing your own wisdom and learning where your power lives.

YOGA Bliss with Lauren Roegele & Katarina Stofikova. Connect with the healing benefits of yoga, meditation & pranayama. Katarina draws on a detailed knowledge of anatomy and movement to help students connect within. Lauren pulls on threads of philosophical wisdom & bio-mechanical alignment to help facilitate yoga “bliss”.  Finally unwind with massage, delicious vegetarian meals & hot springs.

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Sri Guru Shakti Durga is the spiritual head and inspiration for Shanti Mission Harmony Centres in Australia, promoting better spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health. In August, the Sophia Peace Center was selected as the first location for their Sacred Lands Tirtha; a vedic spiritual practice of visiting and imbibing the energy of places of power to connect to the sublime vibrations the Earth. Check out the Bodhi Festival!

The School of Spiritual Psychology prepares individuals for the values and virtues and practicality of interior, symbolic life. This effort is to live in harmony with all of creation, unlearning of the old mental ways and finding the pathways into new time and new space of the heart. Robert Sardello, Ph.D. is co-founder and co-director and author of Love and the Soul: Creating a Future for Earth.

An Intuitive Awareness & Communication Retreat designed to reconnect to your true essence as you uncover your own inner guidance and intuitive wisdom. Revolution! is a uniquely powerful, 5 day immersion course to unveil the truth of your spiritual awareness as you embark on a journey beyond traditional workshop techniques into the depth of your being ~ your personal universe.

Spring Creek Yoga held it’s Mountain Cure 5th Annual Retreat at the Sophia Peace Center in November. Their program consisted of practicing Breath Awareness, Yin Yoga, and Flowing Yoga with a special attunement to Shakti, the creative feminine energy within.